Dextrusions Warranty Information

Dextrusions Balusters and Spindles products


Dextrusions [The Manufacturer] warrants its products subject to the terms, conditions and limitations listed herein, to be free from defective workmanship and materials, and when subject to normal and proper use, its powder coast finish is further warranted against surface peeling, flaking, or blisters for a period of 15 years for both residential and commercial applications.


1. The Manufacturer’s sole liability and the owner’s only remedy shall be as follows:
a. If a problem occurs, The Manufacturer, at its sole discretion, may elect either to repair or replace the defective part(s) of the product or provide reimbursement limited to cost of materials at time of purchase. Due to normal aging and weathering of material, it may not be possible to perfectly match the colors of the old and new materials and therefore The Manufacturer is not responsible for any color differences that may occur. The Manufacturer is not responsible for discontinuance of a color.

2. The Manufacturer warrants only those products manufactured and sold under the Dextrusions name. This Limited Warranty extends only to the original purchaser according to terms specified herein. The Manufacturer shall not be liable for and this warranty does not apply to any terms, failure, defect or damage resulting from or connected with the following:
a. Defects not caused by The Manufacturer ( for example, but not limited to: accidents, misuse, improper applications or installations contrary to industry or Dextrusions standards)
b. Product that has been painted or had its surface treated or cleaned with other than approved chemicals
c. Product subject to impact of foreign objects, tornado, hurricane, other violent storms, fire, air pollutants, normal weathering of surfaces, abnormal discoloration due to improper maintenance, or any other acts of God
d. Improper installation of Dextrusions products or defects caused by their installation
e. Dextrusions Limited Warranty will not be applicable for products that are covered by a specific and separate warranty or duration
f. Products sold, shipped or installed outside of the Continental United States shall have a limited duration of this coverage to 10 years from date of purchase
3. This warranty does not include corrosion of screws and other fastening devices that may be used or required for specific application circumstances in the assembly or installation of the product.

4. Should there be a defect in the system which limits the use of the product The Manufacturer will not be responsible for or liable for loss of use of the product or any consequential costs. The Manufacturer’s only liability is for the repair or replacement of the defective part of the product.

5. The Manufacturer will not be responsible for labor and material cost including removal, disposal and reinstallation of the warranted material.

6. The Manufacturer will not be required to honor this warranty
a. If the product has been modified, altered or changed in any manner at time of installation or thereafter that is contrary to The Manufacturer’s installation instructions.
b. The product was not installed to the most current, published standards which are available from The Manufacturer.
c. A representative has not been given a reasonable access to the property & opportunity to investigate any claim made.
d. If all bills for installation supplies and services have not been paid in full. Proof of purchase and payment in full must be presented to obtain warranty coverage.
e. If the Manufacturer’s Care and Cleaning Guide have not been adhered to.
f. If the product warranty has not been registered with The Manufacturer.

7. Any claim made under this warranty must be made within 30 days of the discovery of the problem. The claim must be made in writing to The Manufacturer or to the company responsible for the installation and must include a copy of the purchase contract.

8. To the extent allowed by the laws of each State or Province, the remedies provided under this warranty state the limits of The Manufacturer’s responsibility. No representative has authority to make any representations other than those stated herein. Any and all disputes arising under the warranty whether as to interpretation, performance or otherwise, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of each State or Province.

9. This warranty is for the exclusive benefit of the original purchaser and is not assignable or transferable.

10. It is the responsibility of the Owner to maintain the product in accordance with the current Care and Cleaning Guide on the reverse and as posted on the website at

11. This warranty is offered by The Manufacturer. The Manufacturer is responsible for remedy of its affected materials relating to the problem. The undersigned Installation Company is responsible for the workmanship and will facilitate any necessary and related claims and repairs.

12. Some chalking “a.k.a paint fade” will be expected.

13. Warranty registration can be accomplished electronically by visiting and registering within thirty (30) days of installation for eligibility of coverage under warranty terms. NOTE: PROOF OF PURCHASE IS NECESSARY TO EXERCISE CLAIMS AND REMEDIES FOR ANY OCCASION. PLEASE SAFEGUARD ACCORDINGLY. Upon receipt of all necessary information we will process and return a digital PDF copy of the warranty to the provided email address. If email is not available a hard copy will be mailed to the supplied building owner address.

13. The Installation Company guarantees that the work has been performed in accordance with the most current standards and specifications set out by The Manufacturer and is responsible for any workmanship related problems for a period of _________ years/months. The Installation Company may offer an additional written warranty stating the scope of their responsibility.